Dr. Slusher has been performing laser vision correction for many years. He realizes that not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. Everyone’s eyes and needs are unique, and Dr. Slusher carefully examines each patient to determine their personal options.

Traditional LASIK is an outpatient procedure and is performed with a special instrument that is applied to the eye, creating a thin flap of corneal tissue. Then the laser is used to reshape the cornea. The flap is then put back into position and the procedure is complete.

Also available is the Wavefront, custom cornea LASIK. First, a wavescan is performed, mapping out a fingerprint of the individual’s eye. The laser treatment is based upon the wavescan, and often gives even better results than the traditional LASIK. Seeing well is a goal more obtainable than ever before!

If you are interested in learning more about LASIK and the possibility of vision correction without glasses or contacts, contact our office for an appointment.